Propaganda Buster talks on Japanese whaling

The following videos by Propaganda Buster are now popular in Japanese blogosphere.

From the first video.

People from all over the world, mostly euro-trash from northern Europe swarm down on a tiny to town in Japan, the town of Tiji to protest the Japanese in their dolphin hunting.
How come they only protest in Japan? Because the people in Japan are polite and the Euro-trash take advantage of the polite Japanese culture. How come this same Euro-trash can not be found in a Texas steak house protesting a Texas trying to eat his or her steak? Where are the protested in Little Italy in lower Manhattan, New York City, when an Italian is eating veal parmesan? Veal, the meat from a calf. Where are these brave protesters when Native Americans in Alaska go on a whale hunt?

From the second video.
A ship (Arctic Sunrise) belonging to the radical conservationist group, Greenpeace rams into the Japanese whaling vessel (Nisshin Maru) and then blames the Japanese ship. Also the international insurance company located in London, the United Kingdom, Lloyds of London, accused the Japanese of ramming the Greenpeace ship. Seeing the photographs and video, clearly demonstrate that the Greenpeace ship here was the aggressor in purposely ramming the Japanese ship. However world opinion sided with Greenpeace. Proving once again the round eyes are the racist selecting an Asian nation to harass.

America has great people!

日本語字幕付きバージョンは、こちらこちら. (HT to lovewhale1)


Anonymous said...

This guy is a little crazy, but I agree with him on the point of these idiots going to Japan to protest the dolphin hunt. It doesn't make sense to attack people who are hunting animals just because your culturally biased view of those animals is offended. This is little more than an attempt at cultural colonialism.

The only thing I can say is that these fishermen should be smart about hunting the dolphins. If they kill too many it will hurt their chance at survival. I'm sure those fishermen already understand that though.

name said...

It appears to me that Buster is highly biased in his reporting, uses his video rather haphazardly, and leaves out vital information. As to his racist rant about "round-eyed racists" he should know that one of the crew is Japanese and there are thousands of Japanese citizens who also oppose whaling. He should further understand that commerial whaling has been banned world-wide. Which throws into confusion his yowling that if they are "going to whale" they should go full out. Also, the reason Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are against the Japanese whaling fleet in the southern ocean near Antartica is because it is an INTERNATIONAL WHALE SANCTUARY. Get it, Buster, a Whale Sanctuary. Please look up sanctuary in your dictionary if you have one. The Japanese are slaughtering endangered whales, some of whom are close to extinction! Got that? Gone FOREVER!

Further, I notice that many, many of Buster's posts are regarding Japan and Japanese Culture. There are so many that it leaps to my mind that perhaps they are paying him! Where did he happen upon the film taken by the Japanese of the Greenpeace collision? Does Buster ever admit in any of his rants that the Japanese government is not the one doing the whaling but is only sanctioning and condoning a privte business?

Something is a little fishy here, pardon the pun! How much is Yakuza paying you, Buster?