The Daily Telegraph called Japanese Japs in the headline

The Daily Telegraph published an article with the headline, "Japs turn backs slaughter". The term "Japs" has already been removed from their website.

The followings are from Propaganda Buster.

This is the 21st century and we have a newspaper using racist terms. The Daily Telegraph, a newspaper in Australia on their online website used a racist and offensive term in reference to the people of Japan. A Japanese person complained to the newspaper about that term. The Daily Telegraph removed the term from their article headline, but not entirely from their website. Proving once again, racist are stupid.
Take a look at the screenshots in the Propaganda Buster's video.
日本語字幕付きは、こちら. (HT to lovewhale1)

Update: The Daily Telegraph is still displaying the term.

Click the above thumbnail to see the screenshot.