Funeral service for Imawano Kiyoshiro gathered 43,000 people

Funeral service for Imawano Kiyoshiro was held yesterday in the Aoyama Funeral Pavillion. According to Sankei [Japanese], the service gathered as many as 43,000 people. UMI BLOG has a report on the funeral.

Today, I spent a whole day watching Imawano Kiyoshiro's videos on youtube. I remembered again how much I had been addicted to his songs when he was a vocalist of RC succession and how much the messages in his songs have been affecting my real life. Although I provided many links to youtube videos yesterday, I'd add two more video clips of Kiyoshiro.

Jiyu (自由, Freedom),

[HT to taikutyuotoko]

Akirete Mono mo Ienai (あきれて物も言えない, Speechless being disgusted),

[HT to dubwiser33]


Claytonian said...

say I'm curious, how did you get the uniqlo add on your site here? That's one add I would like to run!

Aki said...

Hi Claytonian. That one is called "uniqlock". Click the uniqlock on my site, then put the mouse pointer over the menu button that will appear at the left side of the browser window. After selecting "blog parts" from the menu, set time zone, size and music (ON/OFF). You can now retrieve the code for putting the uniqlock on your blog.