Anna Tsuchiya cannot appear in NHK?

Previously, I linked some of Anna Tsuchiya's music videos here and here. She is a fashion model, an actress and a singer. And she has recently made a debut as a voice actress in an anime "Sore Ike Anpanman: Yousei Rinrin no Himitsu", or "Let's go, Anpanman: the secret of fairy Rinrin", that is being screened in Japan since July 12. Her role in the anime is the heroine, Fairy Rinrin.

Also, this week's issue of Shukan Gendai reported that Anna caused trouble in the filming of an NHK documentary that was planned to be aired on NHK BS this summer. She was on location for the documantary when she started quarreling with the director of the documentary. She finally hit him in the face causing light injury on his eye. The filming was immediately cancelled. Perhaps, NHK would never offer jobs to Anna in the future. It seems she behaves like her roles in the films such as Kamikaze Girls and Sakuran even in her real life. The photo at the top of this entry and the youtube video to follow are from Sakuran.


Jordan said...

What was the name of the other girl who ran afoul of the Japanese media? I think her name was Emi or something similar. Anyways, this reminded me of that.

What is wrong with some of these people? They have so much yet they act in such crude ways. They would do themselves a favor by not acting so out of control.

Aki said...

Sorry for late reply. I don't remember the girl. Was it a recent incident?

Although details of the quarrel is not reported, I guess the director's side is also responsible for the incident. NHK tend to try to control performers too strictly. Perhaps the conflict with NHK would not give a negative image to Anna, since such an act matches the image of her that has already been holded by her fans.