Russian POP music, Leningrad and Vitas

I happened to find a nice Russian band, Leningrad, while browsing YouTube. The following song is "Raspizdyay" by Leningrad. Although I don't understand a single word of Russian language, I like this song.

(HT to dikodin)

According to Wikipedia, the band, Leningrad, is a Russian ska punk band from Saint Petersburg (formerly Leningrad).

Also found were a sorcerer-like Russian singer, Vitas. I couldn't stop replaying the video again and again when I first found it.

(HT to punjasmine)

The title of the above song is "Opera #2". You can watch many promotion videos of his songs on YouTube, e.g. "Opera #1", "Opera #2" and "Lucia Di Lammermoorr".