Violence in Seoul

The following video shows the activity of Chinese during the torch relay in Seoul. Chinese group attacked a person who had a Tibetan flag.

Today's news report on Fuji News Network (FNN) aired a scene of violence in Seoul that happened to be recorded by a security camera.

They started quarreling in a bar and a Korean was killed in the one-sided violence. The arrested murderer was Chinese. According to the news report, the Chinese explained that the reason he killed the Korean was that the Korean's use of words was impolite.

The video above reminded me of another video that recorded one-sided violence in China. Two victims in the video were killed in the violence. It is so disturbing that I have not watched it till the end. However, I could notice that the kicking style of the two Chinese murderers, the one in the FNN video and the one below, are similar to each other.

Update: ROK Drop has more videos and links that show the activity of Chinese youth during the torch relay in Seoul.

Update 2: According to this report in Korean, the victim and the murderer in the second video are naturalized citizens of South Korea. Both of them were formerly Chinese nationals of Korean descent.